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Rehabilitation, Strength & Conditioning

The positive effects for relief from a professional remedial massage are indeed unparalleled, yet our therapists at Core Therapy understand that this relief may be in many cases ‘short and temporary’ due to a possible underlying cause.

This underlying cause can be; structural imbalance, neurological disorder, joint sprain (anatomical compensation), spinal degeneration or simply a repetitive strain issue.

If you are looking for long-term relief, then do not overlook the value of adding a tailored rehabilitation, strength and conditioning program to your recovery plan.

Initial assessment of movement patterns & muscle activation test (60min)

  • case history
  • remedial assessment (palpation of problematic location/s)
  • ROM test (range of motion)
  • structural balance (active/inactive muscle fibres)
  • tailored strengthening program design (each individuals program is unique)
  • on the floor remedial therapy
    general follow-up assistance via email/phone

Core Therapy suggest that each individual follows up with a return visit approximately one month after their initial assessment to analyse progress