Cycling – massage for injury prevention

Have you noticed an increase of cyclist’s in Melbourne over the years? I certainly have, i think i know why!

There are so many advantages that cycling offers;

health – an increase in cardiovascular strength, fat reduction, higher oxygen intake

financial – save money on petrol and parking

psychological – beginning the day with exercise, freeing the mind of any negativity and turning into a positive and focused mindset


Although, along with the positives can come a few side effects if you don’t take care of your body. Injury!

Massage is a key component to maintaining your riding lifestyle, remedial massage and sports massage offers many recovery benefits such as; bio mechanical correction, reduction of muscular stiffness and soreness, joint manipulation,  post inflammation clearance, restored strengthening, illotibial and posterior chain  balance and more…

Some of the most common injuries to be aware of are;

Iliotibial band friction syndrome – pain is usually felt on the outside of the knee when bent and then straightened

Patellofemoral pain syndrome – a direct ache on top of the knee cap

Sciatica – shooting pain that radiates from the buttock, down the hamstring and even the toe

Hamstring strain – a strain felt on the back of the leg

Achilles tendonitis – sharp pain felt on the back of the ankle and sometimes down the heel of the foot


Remember, warming up and cooling down is also an essential part of maintaining a great riding body.



Happy cycling!



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